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The Guide (Taken from Guidelines : 25Eleven Rally)

Number #1 rule : Never react when provoked. In fact, never react at all. You are just a guest at the rally.If anyone in the group keeps shouting, just ignore him and get away from that group, because the chance are most probably it’s the Police’s agent provocateur . So always keep high discipline, don’t think when you’re in a group of ten you are the King of the world. The police will always look for reasons, how small and piety it may be, to arrest you.

Number #2 rule : If you are a University students, or Civil servants, DO NOT, I repeat NEVER ever bring your matrix card or work pass along. If caught, that will be the end of you. DO NOT bring anything else than your IC and Driving license/passport. If you are caught, do not say you’re a student, say you’re some despatch rider, Mamak-shop cleaner or working somewhere. D

Number #3 rule : ‘You are not there to attend the rally’. Anyone ask just say its your first time to KL and your looking at the KLCC area. Its just nearby. Give a big smile and as it is said, BUAT BODOH.

Number #4 rule : Never walk alone. Stay in big crowds. Listen and follow any instructions given, do not break away from the big group, if you do it will be easier to be caught! Hold hands to show solidarity and remain united.

Remember, you are there to witness the hand over of the memorandum to British embassy, nothing else. Its not a demonstration and its certainly not a place for you to show you are the King of the world. Never shout at other, chants of slogans are fine. Smile at the passers-by. Thank the security team, be it Police or anyone, for providing a safe journey! They are humans too. And please never ever provoke the Police force. You have been warned my dear!

Oh yes, if just in case police starts using the Water Canon. Bring small portion of salt and drinking water. The chemical in it will cause you to dehydrate, so take abit of salt (and, also lime) and wash of face. Better to have some wet cloth with you.


Your rights :

  1. Police can stop and question you. Stay calm and just answer the questions if I were you. If the questions are intimidating, harrasing or suggestive in nature, stay silent. Police can stop and search your car. But can’t take any action if you don’t bring unlawful things like drugs, weapons etc. So be cool!
  2. Police can’t simply confiscate anything from you. Unless provided it is harmful tools, like knife,any sharp objects. Mobile phones and laptops are not harmful tools, even though yes it can be used to update your blog or spread the news on the spot P
  3. If you are being searched. Ask politely from the police of their name, which police station they are based from, their ID. Remember the name and ID just in case. Police must inform you of what they are looking for. If they don’t do any of it, remind them they are against the law!
  4. If you are caught and brought to the police station, be calm. Remember who and what they are doing.Answer basic questions like your name, IC etc. The rest wait for your lawyer. And never provoke the police or test their patience. Dude you are an Indian macha here, remember how many machas were killed under police custody, or was charged with some false charges. Yes, they can do that.
  5. And remember every details, can be useful for further actions, or to be used in court/police report.
  6. Have more? please add below…im not a Law student

More to do list (Thanks to Poobalan for the below list ) :

be EARLY. malaysians are known to be latecomers. if the function is 10am, so be there by 9am to avoid traffic jams etc.
– dress appropriately -smart casual. portray yourself as intelligent, mature, educated and law-abiding citizen. less chance of harassment.
– clear your handphone memory so that can record using camera. the era of citizen media is upon us already. there’s too many source to effectively censor anything.
– obey traffic rules
– do not retaliate if provoked.
use public transport. get down at ampang park LRT station and cross the jln tun razak and walk about 400 meters.
– bring cap/umbrella in case it rain (most likely will be raining)
– do not litter!
– remember the objective – to witness handover of memorandum. not to start a fight or shouting war.
– bring camera if you have one.
– bring drinking water.
– after witnessing handing over of memo, disperse peacefully. there’s no need to provoke anyone.

Fuh! Any more? feel free to add, and please, inform everyone to at least read this or pass the word around of their rights and what they should do.

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