‘stupid, insensitive’ happen in Melaka too

Yesterday Malaysiakini quoted Nazri Aziz on the Kampung Rimba Jaya temple demolition issue.

“It was stupid of the officials not to be considerate (and) to look into sensitive matters like this. I believe it could have been done in a better way if (the state government) had just waited a few more days. Let the Hindus celebrate their Deepavali,” he said.

“Deepavali is a religious festival. It could have been handled much better and with more sensitivity (to) the feelings of the Hindus,” he added.

While Nazri does not think Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has any “personal vendetta” against Hindus, he said the manner in which the latter implemented the state’s ‘zero squatters’ policy leaves much to be desired.

“I think we (can) put it to experience, which he probably lacks. I agree with you that matters touching religious issues should be handled more cautiously and not in a wanton way according to individual whims and fancies,” said Nazri.

And, that ‘stupid, insensitive’ also recently happened in Tambak Paya Village of Malacca.

Nota: Aku bukan berbangsa India, bukan penyokong Hindraf kerana aku tidak beragama Hindu. Tapi aku sedih sangat dengan kebodohan dan ketidaksensitifan mereka nih!

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