Street Demonstrations and the use of ISA


I read about this survey at Rockybru, here.

Curious to know what are the result would be, its took me less than a minute to complete 5 questions. Easy question, at all.

Beyond my expectation, the result is shocking me.

See yourself…

1). Should freedom of expression through demonstrations be allowed in a democratic country like Malaysia?

  Answer Responses Percent
Yes, only if such demonstrations are intended to be peaceful and orderly 1073 73.9%
No, since such demonstrations will only create chaos and disorder 345 23.8%
I don’t know 34 2.3%

2). Do you think the Internal Security Act (ISA) should be used by the Government on street demonstrators?

  Answer Responses Percent
No, since the Government can pursue othe…uch as through the courts to charge them 849 59.5%
Yes, since they are a threat to national security 499 35.0%
I don’t know 79 5.5%

3). What do you think best explain the following scenario?

Below are the photos of three different demonstrations. The first two [1st, 2nd] demonstrations are deemed illegal and considered a threat to national security by the authorities whereas the third one is viewed in a different light altogether. Why?

  Answer Responses Percent
The first two demonstrations were inspir…ird was associated with the ruling party 759 55.9%
Two of those demonstrations were about d…as the third was about foreign elements 240 17.7%
I don’t know 182 13.4%
The first two demonstrations were disrup…e but the third was peaceful and orderly 127 9.4%
The first two demonstrations had the par…rd was against terrorists’ participation 49 3.6%

4). What is your view on the following statement?

  Answer Responses Percent
I agree with Suhakam. 905 67.6%
I disagree with Suhakam. 267 20.0%
I don’t know. 166 12.4%

5). What the do you think is the best way for the Government to deter more demonstrations from taking place?

  Answer Responses Percent
Listen to the grouses and formulate effective solutions to win them over 1067 80.2%
Use the Internal Security Act (ISA) to arrest all demonstrators 113 8.5%
Arrest and charge all demonstrators in court 66 5.0%
I don’t know 50 3.8%
Impose martial law 35 2.6%

Just another question, who the Promuda (Dewan Profesional Muda Malaysia) is?.

Please read Storm brewing in Promuda by JOCELINE TAN at Malaysia Today

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One comment on “Street Demonstrations and the use of ISA
  1. namewee1 says:

    New generation of demonstration which cannot be “PADAM”, now we have it in PAVILION BUKIT BINTANG!

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