Let’s write to Abdullah Badawi (Acting Prime Minister)

I sent the following email to our Acting Prime Minister after reading news of Bersih PC disrupted, Tian Chua arrested in Malaysiakini. Thank you to Suaram FOS for providing me this template letter.

See & please send yours too…

from: Arifabdull to ppm@pmo.gov.my,

date: Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 7:36 PM

subject: I strongly condemn the arrest in BERSIH’s submission of memorandum to the King

mailed-by gmail.com 7:36 PM (1 minute ago)

Prime Minister,

Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Security,

Prime Minister’s Office Malaysia,

Perdana Putra Building,

Federal Government Administrative Centre,

62502 Putrajaya,

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603 8888 6000

Fax: +603 8888 3444

Email: ppm@pmo.gov.my

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to express my strongest condemnation and protest against the arrests of two individuals outside Istana Negara today (15 February 2008) after the submission of a memorandum by BERSIH in relation to free and fair elections. The police stopped the delegation to hold a press conference, and in the process arrested People’s Justice Party (PKR) Information Chief Tian Chua and BERSIH supporter Jamaluddin Manaf.

This latest round of arrests comes barely a week before the 12th General Elections, casting a huge doubt over the ability of the police to act impartially in ensuring safety and order during the upcoming polls.

I strongly condemn the police’s actions to stop the BERSIH delegation to hold a press conference and the arbitrary arrests of the two by the police. To stop them from holding a press conference after they had submitted a memorandum to the King, and furthermore make arrests, clearly violates every citizen’s rights to freedom of speech and expression and access to information.

I demand that the two be released immediately and unconditionally. I further demand that the government respect Malaysian citizens’ fundamental rights, especially in view of the upcoming general elections.

Sincerely yours,

Arif Abdullah

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4 comments on “Let’s write to Abdullah Badawi (Acting Prime Minister)
  1. Its a shameful act by the Malaysian police to arrest the two individual.There are total lack of freedom speech for the Malaysian citizen and the people of Malaysia should rise to condemn this act and attitude of the Pak Lah goverment.We need to teach this regime and the only way is to vote the opposition in. Meanwhile ,the 2 individual should be release immediately without any condition.This is simply unacceptable and only goes to show the arrogrance of the goverment.

  2. soo ah kang says:

    i hv sent so many emails to pak Lah using that email address ppm@pmo.gov.my but always get rejected and no answer at all from him…why? i hv came to conclusion that he is too busy too read mails and his personal assistants are too busy also bankcrupting the nations…..

  3. danny says:

    Pak Lah!

    Sia rasakan sia tia tau apa2x pasal politiklahkan cuma nak ucapkan congratulation on ur kemenangan pada pilihanraya 2008. Dan boleh tolong kami penganggur di Sabah, anjurkan looking for malaysia’s
    new rugby talents for the rugby world-cup (kan paklah sayang belia? sihat utk penganggur dan yg thirsty for action! maybe thru this we can build our carrierskan? 😉 n also congratulation’s on ur wedding, may u have all the happiness in life.

    God Bless,
    Danny Din Hatt

  4. danny says:

    Pak Lah kalo he pun, jgn disebabkan setitik racun semuanya basi kio.. nanti jadi bubur tapi saya Percaya pada Pak Lah ‘pembangunankan’ 😉


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