Urgent appeal: Ginie Lim Arrested, All Three Detainees Remanded for 3 Days

Latest Update of Bersih PC disrupted, Tian Chua arrested news from Malaysiakini.

Following the arrest of Tian Chua and Jalaluddin Abdul Manap yesterday, 15 February 2008 after a submission of memorandum to the King calling for a Royal Commission on electoral system reform, another political activist Ginie Lim with the People’s Justice Party was arrested last night at the Brickfields police station during her visit to Tian Chua and Jalaluddin Abdul Manap who was under detention.

In the Brickfields police station, Ginie Lim was arrested when she took picture of the investigating officer, Inspector Hidayak who ordered several police officers using force to carry away Tian Chua who resisted to be sent into police lockup at about 10.00pm. Inspector Hidayak alleged Ginie Lim of obstructing in the duty of police officers.

Tian Chua and Jalauddin Abdul Manap were sent to lock up cells in Pantai police station while Ginie Lim was sent to lock-up cell in Travers police station, Kuala Lumpur last night.

This morning, the three detainess were brought to the Magistrate’s Court by the police for a 4-day remand application. The police argued that the remand orders for Tian Chua and Jalaluddin were needed to conduct further investigation on others who were involved in the alleged illegal assembly. As for Ginie Lim, the police alleged that taking photographs in the police compound is an offence. However, counsel Gurmit Singh that represented the three detainees argued that the remand application for Tian Chua and Jalaluddin were unjustifiable as the police had completed investigation by taking statement from the two detainees. As for the case of Ginie Lim, Gurmit Singh argued if taking photograph in police station is an offence, the police should just charge Ginie Lim and release her on bail. However, it was dissapointing that the Magistrate decided to grant the police a 3-day remand order on the three detainees. The detainees will be held until 18 February 2007.

On 18 February 2008, the police may apply for release the detainees or apply for further remand order and press charges against the detainees.

Clearly, this is an absolute abuse of powers by the police and deprived the detainees of precious personal liberty unneccesarily and unreasonably. We call on all to continue to call and write to the Brickfields police station and the Inspector General of Police to protest against the abuse of powers and demand for the immediate and unconditional release of the three detainees.

Protest letters should be sent to:

Deputy Police Chief: Supt. Azri Abdul Rahman
Investigating officer: Inspector Hidayak
Brickfields Police Station
Tel: +60 3 22742222
Fax:+60 3 22730885

Inspector General of Police
Tanb Sri Musa Hassan
Royal Malaysian Police Headquarters
50560 Bukit Aman,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 2262 6015
Fax: +60 3 22725613

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5 comments on “Urgent appeal: Ginie Lim Arrested, All Three Detainees Remanded for 3 Days
  1. winson lee says:

    how to trust the judicial system after what had been disclosed in the ‘lingam tape’ saga. it is really a mockery of the system.

  2. zorro says:

    ARIF, If we cannot beat them now, WE WILL DO IT ON 8 MARCH. MAKKAL SAKTI! POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  3. r_venugopal says:

    Our police force is not people friendly and how do you expect people to co-operate with them when they are ruthless on innocent people and friendly to the crooks. Peaceful demonstration is a fundamental of democracy and the police ought to know this and please read more about democracy. Our police today are good and they are well ahead of the regime in Yangon. Our leaders are now trying to emulate what the Burmese leaders did to their people. Things are pointing towards dictatorship in Malaysia soon.

  4. syed syahrul says:

    Some general information. New online magazine http://sirehdancengkeh.com have an interesting interview with Marina Mahathir. We welcome any kind of comments and contributions.

  5. Ottiliabk says:

    thats for sure, bro

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