Who are the real opposition

I saw this interesting post, We Should Stop Calling The Opposition, The Opposition by Howsy in MALAYSIAKINI IN BLOGS, and am agree on that.

Actually, nothing is wrong if someone opposing others. But the ugly impression on the ‘opposition’ word is a result of the negative connotation given by the BN’s propaganda machines, for so long time.

In fact, who are the real opposition now?

PKR, DAP & PAS aren’t anymore [at least, in 6 state – isn’t the Federal Territory also a state?] .

According to the TV3 news report tonight, Kedah’s ex-MB said UMNO and BN will become a good and effective opposition in State Assembly. That means, there are GOOD and BAD opposition?

So, who are the real BAD opposition now?

For me, any quarters who dare to do something against to the rakyat’s wish and will should be the real BAD opposition.

I guess, you know who…

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One comment on “Who are the real opposition
  1. Hilmi says:

    The really, really bad opposition, even badder than the BN, is the BN-controlled media. They are the ones opposing the victory of the people by continually distorting the truth and not accepting the fact that the people has spoken. It’s time the people boot out the BN-controlled media too.

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