Anti-arms trade awareness campaign

The defenders of arms exports claim that they are vital for security, from which everyone benefits. In fact the ready availability of arms often makes conflict more likely, and exacerbates conflicts which are already happening.
Conflicts also routinely prevent the possibility of delivering education and vital health services, such as vaccination programmes. It has been estimated that arms sales are responsible for a fifth of the total international debt owed by poor countries. Yet despite this, governments in arms-producing countries such as the UK continue to help companies push their arms on the third world.
And in Malaysia? Under the 9th Malaysia Plan running from 2006 – 2010, We will spend RM16.8 billion on defense of which Ministry of Defense will receive RM14.5 billion. Only RM381 million is going to be spent on low-cost housing implementation….

But how many countries are we currently at war with? None. How many people are without proper housing in Kuala Lumpur alone?
An estimate of 5000 … An estimate. Possibly. More.
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