Comolot sebuah filem berani

Tahniah atas keberanian berkarya.

Tontonlah sendiri

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4 comments on “Comolot sebuah filem berani
  1. gonah says:

    filem bodoh tu lu kata berani. tu namanya berani dalam bodoh. kering ideanya bro! anak haram betul!! macam hampeh bila aku tengok. kualiti cerita x ada. isu ada, tapi lemah bercerita. mangkok…

  2. mohd aniq mohd said says:

    mcm lahanat lu kata beerani?

    ini filem org bodoh tak skola….motherfucker…

    bodoh gampang….anak haram….pegi mati la woi

    anjing pun lagi bagus dari lu

    mohd aniq,
    gua cakap filem nih berani sbb gua tau ada banyak orang macam lu… hehehe

  3. muslim says:

    As Muslims, we believe that the fitrah that Allah created us upon is that, in terms of sexuality at least, opposites attract. But it is possible that some people have corrupted this fitrah themselves, or it has been corrupted by external methods. And it cannot even be ruled out that for some, the change in this fitrah is beyond their control.

    Urge, in and of itself, is not sinful. It is simply a desire, and desires are beyond our control, hence we are not accountable for them. But to allow such feelings to persist without trying to control them is problematic. In any case, the urge in and of itself is not sinful, acting on the urge is what incurs sin. As long as the desire remains in the realm of feeling, you are not accountable on the Day of Judgment, but the second that this desire is manifested in a physical action, you are liable for all that follows.

    But then who are we to judge those who struggles with same sex attractions, especially those who struggles to please his Lord despite all the challenges his Lord presented to him? God may love them more than they love us. We know that the more Allah tests a person, the more Allah loves him/her.

    Clinical studies can be found here:
    Healthy debate on same-sex attraction from Islamic point of view:

  4. muslim too says:

    I agree 100 % with what muslim said above, at least he or she says it with using akal, rational and well thought out words…..not just some angry rants without any thought and only arise out of strong emotions…..I am too a muslim and i can say that i am a man who likes other men……but my desires cannot be fulfilled as islam prohibits it….and i will obey….so please understand that there are people like me…..

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