Mahathir lobbied by unprofessional lobbyist?

Investigate the Six for judge-fixing

“We are of the view that there was conceivably an insidious movement by VK Lingam with covert assistance of his close friends Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan Mansor to involve themselves actively in the appointment of judges, in particular the appointment of Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim as President of the Court of Appeal, and subsequently as the Chief Justice.” – Royal commission: Act against Dr M, five others in Malaysiakini

Mahathir trying to justify (and, seems to me he’s admitting it) as he was lobbied by those unprofessional lobbyist, as you seen in that Lingam Tape episodes.

Do you know that a PAS member managed to lobby Mahathir to resign as UMNO member, yesterday? Ahaks!

Today, Mahathir respond by shooting Pak Lah again;

But supposing a Deputy Prime Minister writes a letter of recommendation for his sister-in-law to an official or minister of another country who could be expected to take a serious view of the recommendation because the writer is a Deputy Prime Minister of a friendly country and the recommendation is for his sister-in-law, does this constitute lobbying, or corruption or abuse of power. We need to know so that such letters of recommendation would not be written again. We need to know if they were written before, can action be taken against them now since we are now taking action on things which happened in the past. By being very clear about the past, the present and the future Malaysia would become highly regarded as the epitome of righteousness and the practitioners of the rule of law.

Lobby by Dr. Mahathir Mohamed

Lobby or Bodek?

Dengan penuh kesedaran, juga untuk membantu ekonomi bangsa Melayu, Mahathir Muhamad telah di kelilingi oleh penasihat ekonomi yang gah lagi hebat. Mereka terdiri dari Ananda Krihnan, Vincent Tan, Lim Goh Tong, Ting Phek Khiing dan Eric Chia. Mahathir dengan bangganya telah membuktikan kepada orang Melayu bahawa seorang pemandu lori dan seorang penjual insurans boleh menjarah dan merompak ekonomi negara jika mereka pandai membodek Dr. M.

Tolong jangan hina Mahathir by Hisham Rais

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