Terkini: Aktivis Suaram JB ditahan ISA, akan dibebaskan

Aktivis Suaram Cheng Lee Whee, 26 tahun yang ditahan di bawah seksyen 28 ISA malam tadi akan dibebaskan dengan jaminan polis.

Menurut sumber, sukarelawan wanita (gambar, ehsan Malaysiakini) di sekretariat Suaram Johor Bahru itu akan dibebaskan setelah mahkamah pagi ini menolak permohonan polis untuk meremannya.

Beliau kini bersama peguam, anggota Suaram dan rakan-rakan sedang menguruskan proses jaminan di balai Polis Johor Jaya.

Remand order rejected, activist to be freed soon << Malaysiakini

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One comment on “Terkini: Aktivis Suaram JB ditahan ISA, akan dibebaskan
  1. ventura says:

    This is an act to create fear and tactic of scare especially to woman who is battling to the rightful step in championing for the people.

    Just obvious current happening of Ms Tan from Sin Chew and Teresa Kok do voice consent on the political scenario of the projection of police and Prime Minister Department in handling this problems and solution to this stress.

    Continue further this report will generate more and more agitation and frustration in the publics thus will in over period of time lead to disorder and chaotic condition of our Malaysian harmonious living.

    Pull out this, we must comment that the Malaysia Administration is not capable and have the experience to drive the nation Malaysian to be proud of themselves. Rather transfer this incompatibility to fear, scare and no confidence vote to the BN coalition party.

    I must say where are PKR when we need them or are they rest up temporary? Are they run out support and thrust to move forward? I wonder they are for real?

    Action will speak by itself…

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