Bukit Gantang – Malaysiakini dan AFP pun salah kira

Berdasarkan laporan berita disiarkan oleh AFP yang turut dipetik oleh Malaysiakini, hanya ada lebih kurang 15 ribu rakyat yang turun di Taiping pagi kelmarin.

Sila baca laporan di bawah ini;


Umno to zoom in on Nizar’s defiance of sultan

Mar 29, 09 3:54pm

Thousands of government and opposition supporters converged Sunday on a sleepy district in Perak, for an electoral clash that will test the new leadership of Najib Razak.


The political temperature is already running high in the state, where the Perak sultan in January ordered the opposition to cede control of the state assembly to the coalition, after defections upset the delicate balance of power.

bukit gantang nomination day bn vip side 290309 02Some 15,000 opposition supporters and 5,000 from the ruling coalition turned out today at the nearby town of Taiping to nominate their candidates, putting on a rowdy display as they beat on drums, yelled chants and waved party banners.

In Bukit Gantang, which with its hills and morning mists is a popular tourism destination, the roads were ablaze with party posters and flags, while police riot trucks and water cannon vehicles were deployed at strategic points.

The government is campaigning heavily on the opposition’s defiance of the Perak sultan’s order to surrender power – touching on the rights of the Malay rulers which is a sensitive topic in Malaysia.

“The opposition has insulted and defied the institution of the sultan in the state, and people must vote out anyone who insults the monarchy,” government supporter Zek Mohamad Shalby told AFP outside the nomination centre.

bukit gantang nomination day najib altantuya and cartoons 290309 03Opposition supporters meanwhile yelled slogans linking Najib to a murdered Mongolian woman who was the mistress of one of his aides. The new leader has repeatedly denied any involvement in the case.

“I’m very confident of winning,” said PAS candidate Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin who was Perak’s chief minister until the ouster, which is now in limbo as the two sides trade parliamentary and legal manoeuvres.”We are fighting for democracy and true freedom and it is going to happen here in Bukit Gantang, and we are going to say bye-bye to injustice,” he told reporters at the nomination centre.

Nizar is facing Umno’s Ismail Safian and Independent candidate Kamarul Ramizu Idris in the three-way fight.

Can BN claw back support?

The Barisan Nasional coalition is hoping that the installation of Najib Abdul Razak as president of Umno last week will help it gain support in Bukit Gantang, where a seat in the national assembly is up for grabs.

bukit gantang nomination day bn vip side 290309 09Bukit Gantang is a microcosm of the country’s multicultural population, with 60 percent Muslim Malays, 30 percent ethnic Chinese and 10 percent Indians.

The result here will be seen as an sign of whether the coalition has clawed back support since humiliating general elections a year ago when it lost a third of parliamentary seats and five of the 13 states to the opposition.

Najib has promised to overhaul Umno, which has dominated Malaysian politics for half a century, and root out the corruption, cronyism and infighting that has alienated voters.

His new deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, who kicked off the campaign for Bukit Gantang, admitted that the vote would be a testing ground for the fledgling administration.

“All by-elections are important, especially one that is done after the process of transition of leadership… we want to tell the people this is a team that means business,” he told reporters.


Kat bawah ni pula adalah laporan dari Malaysiakini yang hanya mampu menyebut jumlah kehadiran penyokong BN… wakakakaa!!!

9.15am: In Bukit Gantang, Mohd Nizar files his nomination papers, followed by Ismail. An independent candidate has also arrived. Election Commission chair Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof is also present.

9.15am: In Bukit Gantang, BN candidate Ismail Saffian enters the nomination centre. Spotted were newly-minted Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin and vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. BN entourage arrives at the nomination centre at 9.05am. Some 10,000 BN supporters are present, although this figure is being disputed by others, stating that a figure close to a maximum of 5,000 would be a proper figure.


Mungkin ramai akan memerahiku jika aku katakan bahawa pemberita AFP dan Malaysiakini bermasalah dalam pengiraan dan membilang… wakakakakaa

Gambar yang bagus dapat menceritakan kejujuran. Anda sendiri cubalah kira berapa kepala yang kelihatan dalam gambar di bawah ini;


Setakat ini, inilah gambar yang mampu menceritakan kejujuran laporan berita tentang berapa ramai jumlah sebenar rakyat terlibat di Taiping pagi kelmarin. Secara jujurnya biarlah aku nyatakan dari mana gambar ini diperolehi. Gambar ini ditemui dari laman web Berita Hairan…. wakakakakaa!!! (Sila klik di SINI)


Gambar ini juga;

Klik di SINI untuk rujuk lihat gambar asal di laman web Berita Hairan… hehehe

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